Official Statement Monte de Sion Christian Church

In response to the presidential declaration of national and local emergency, by the world pandemic of the Corona Virus, out of respect for our authorities under biblical counsel and, in consideration of our high-risk church members and their families. There will be no church meetings until further notice.

A limited group of ministers will present our services online on our Facebook page and our web page:

The church does not stop and does not close because we are the church and God has prepared us for this moment. We ask that you have church in your home, that we join together through media. Let us pray at all times, and let us be an example.

It is also important that we support the church of God. If you would like to stop by the church momentarily during our services on Sunday from 10:00 am o 12:00 pm to bring your prayer requests or our tithes and offerings, we will be there to receive you. You can make your donations with a credit card on our website:

For more information you can call: (561) 317-5041

In the love of Christ,

Pastoral Team Monte de Sion

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